Double Wide Mobile Homes

Mobile homes have long been a common site throughout the United States. They were preceded by travel trailers, which began coming into vogue in the mid-twentieth century as people began to live more transiently. These homes were called mobile because they first came with wheels attached for easy transportation. Originally, mobile homes were small enough and narrow enough to be pulled by a truck. Eventually they increased in width to ten feet, then to twelve feet or more and are now typically hauled commercially by trucking companies. One of the most popular widths is the double wide mobile home, which is transported to the site in two halves.

Manufacture of Double Wide Mobile Homes

These homes are typically pre-fabricated and then hauled to the site. They generally use outer materials that are pre-painted. Single wides are eighteen feet or less wide while double wides are twenty or more feet wide. After being manufactured, they are transported to the site and are either placed on the ground or kept on wheels. Most of these homes are now permanently affixed to the ground with a permanent foundation. Most mobile homes that are moved are single wide homes while only five percent of double wide mobile homes are ever moved again.

Benefits of Purchasing Double Wide Mobile Homes

These homes are very budget-friendly with price ranges for almost any family. Some of the most basic options require only small monthly payments. However, other double wides can be updated and decorated to look quite elegant. Homes that are placed upon a foundation are taxed as real estate while those that are left on tires, an option that is not often found these days, are taxed as personal property.
In addition, mobile home manufacturers are not often limited by state and city jurisdiction and are allowed to transport their homes throughout the country. This creates excellent competition and demand, which often lowers the price of the home. However, some states do have a few regulations such as Florida, which requires the homes to be built to withstand strong winds from hurricanes and tropical storms.

Communities for Double Wide Mobile Homes

Mobile homes are often found grouped together in parks. In fact, there are over 38,000 of these types of communities across the United States. Occupants generally rent the land on which they place their mobile homes. The community may also supply basic needs such as water, sewer and electrical services as well as amenities such as playgrounds, tennis courts, swimming pools and basketball courts. However, some communities may now sell land to the mobile home owner or will operate the community similar to a condominium association that charges fees for the use of its swimming pools, community centers and other amenities.
Double wide mobile homes are becoming increasingly popular as they gain mass appeal. They are actually quite spacious and are no longer associated with a negative stigmatization. They are well loved for fitting into the majority of families’ budgets.