Muriatic Acid Hydrochloric Acid

Muriatic Acid \ hydrochloric acid Brick Concrete Masonry Cleaning Swimming Pool pH Control
Muriatic acid is used for cleaning brick, concrete and masonry surfaces through chemical etching. Muriatic acid is also used for swimming pool pH maintenance.
Muriatic acid also known as hydrochloric acid is very corrosive and should be used with extreme caution. Always wear protective clothing, eye and breathing protection. Read any and all of the manufacturer’s instructions before using.

Masonry by nature is highly alkaline, which makes it a poor surface for painting. A diluted solution of muriatic acid will reduce the alkaline into a powder that when rinsed off will leave a surface suitable for painting. Generally this is a mixture of one part acid to 20 parts of water. Be sure to read any instructions provided by the manufacturer for the proper mixture as the strength of the acid may vary.

Rinse down the homes masonry first with clean water then apply the acid water mixture that was prepared in a plastic bucket and use a scrub brush to clean the surface. The mixture can be placed in a plastic pump sprayer for application. Leave the acid on for about 10 minutes before rinsing off with clear water. This process may be repeated if the desired cleaning is not achieved. The cleaning process causes etching of the concrete which will make the surface capable of being painted if so desired. Muriatic acid is excellent for removing paint from concrete or brick.
If you just want to clean concrete or brick and do not intend to paint then consider using TSP which is trisodium phosphate. Krud Kutter also makes a very good cleaner. Never mix TSP and muriatic acid or any acid.

Experts say to add the acid to water not water to the acid and to do this slowly. Muriatic acid as any cleaner should be used with the proper precautions and ventilation. The proper breathing mask might also be a good idea. Read any and all of the manufacturer’s instructions before using any chemicals.
Muriatic acid can be neutralized with baking powder or lemon juice if any splash or spills occur. Just be careful of adding any neutralizer agent to the acid mixture to avoid violent reaction.

In swimming pools muriatic acid can be used for pH balance. Muriatic acid can be used to control the total alkalinity of the water. The proper acid mixture, usually 50/50 with water in a plastic bucket can be added to reduce the pH in a swimming pool. Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for swimming pool use.
I recommend that if you have any questions on the use of muriatic acid for masonry, concrete or brick cleaning that you seek the advice of an expert. If you wish to use it in your swimming pool ask your local swimming pool expert for recommendations before using.

To dispose of any left over acid contact your local recycling authorities for proper disposal methods. Do not pour into storm drains, toilets or sinks. Please be responsible and always use the proper safety precautions when using muriatic acid or any chemicals.

Always safely store any left over acid away from children and animals.