Low Water Pressure Problem

Water Pressure at Faucet or Shower Head

Water coming out of the your homes faucets slow? Take the aerator of the end of the faucet and check for obstructions. I find this problem especially where homes are on a well, but will also occur on a public water system. Take the aerator apart and clean it well. You will see a piece in there that is usually white in color with a lot of little holes in it, this is the flow restrictor. This is to cut down on flow for conservation purposes. Some flow restrictors have a separate screen. I have seen some people leave the flow restrictor out and just put the screen back, I'm not sure this is a good idea since they are designed to help save water or puts you in violation of any state or federal regulations. This also applies to shower heads. If you find that the suggestions below do not solve your problems, consider having the water company come out and do a pressure check. If you are on a well check the pressure switch cut-in cut-out rating. You can either get a 30-50 or a 40-60. The first number is the cut in pressure and the second number is the cut out pressure in PSI. Be sure to look at the the plumbing repair page for more detailed information on plumbing problems.

Aerator Flow Restrictor

Aerator Flow Restrictor Picture

Low Water Pressure Washing Machine Filling Slowly

Usually this washing machine problem can be attributed to the filter screen being obstructed. In the end of the washing machine hoses are little filter screens that need to be taken out of the hose and cleaned. You will see this problem especially on the cold water side and is more prevalent for homes on a well.

Washing Machine Hose Filter
Washing Machine Hose Filter Picture

Wash Machine Tip

Leave the lid open on the wash machine when not in use to help deter the onset of rust in your wash tub and lid area. Be sure to check the hoses at least every few months for swelling or cracks this could help avoid a flooded home problem. If possible turn the off the valves when not in use.