Home and Mobile Home Maintenance Schedule

Home Maintenance Schedule

This page also contains mobile home winter weatherization tips. These preventative maintenance tips also apply to site built house and modular homes. Follow all manufacturers recommendations on items not covered on this maintenance schedule list.

Clean or replace the homes AC filter -Monthly
Test smoke detector -Monthly
Test GFCI & arc fault outlets -Monthly
Check & replace or clean range hood charcoal filter -Quarterly
Check & maintain caulk at kitchen & bath counters -Quarterly
Check & lubricate moving parts on overhead garage doors & tracks -Quarterly
Check & lubricate moving parts on doors and locks-Quarterly
Check roof & gutters for debris buildup -Quarterly
Check & maintain tile grout in showers -Quarterly
Fertilize lawn & plants -Quarterly
Check & adjust your homes exterior door weather stripping & threshold -Semi-annually
Check & maintain washing machine hoses & connections -Semi-annually
Check & maintain dryer vent system for blockage -Semi-annually
Check & lubricate window tracks and moving parts -Semi-annually
Check & maintain all exterior caulk seals including doors, window, trim & hose bibbs -Semi-annually
Verify the homes main water shut off valve is accessible & functional -Semi-annually
Check & maintain all drainage, swales, culverts & drain inlets -Semi-annually
Check nuts & bolts on pull down stairs for tightness -Semi-annually
Clean condenser coils and vents on refrigerator -Yearly
Clean/Pressure wash the homes exterior -Yearly
Apply water seal to all exposed exterior treated wood -Yearly
Have a qualified professional check & clean fireplace & chimney -Yearly
Have your homes AC system checked & serviced by a qualified professional -Yearly
Check nuts & bolts on overhead garage door & tracks for tightness -Yearly
Clean smoke detector -Yearly
Renew your homes termite inspection and warranty -Yearly
Drain & flush water heater, verify operation of TPR (pressure release) valve -Yearly
Check fire extinguisher certification expiration date -Yearly
Verify AC condensation drain is flowing freely -Spring
Check AC float switch for proper operation if air handler is in attic -Spring
Disconnect & drain all exterior garden hoses -Predicted freeze
Cover & protect plants from freezing -Predicted freeze
Cover & protect back flow preventer from freezing -Predicted freeze
Put fuel stabilizer in you lawn mower weed eater and any other gas or diesel powered equipment before storing for the winter.