Mobile Home Repairman

Where can I find a mobile home repairman or mobile home repair contractor is a question I get a lot. Here are the steps that I often give to answer the question of how to find a mobile home repair service near me. I don't understand why most home repair companies don't also work on mobile homes. They are easy to work on and use a lot of the same materials as a site built home.
 1. Ask your neighbors if you live in a mobile home community who that might know of or could recommend. You can also ask the manager of the mobile home community the same question.
 2. Look in the phone book for any listings of a qualified mobile home repair service. If there are none listed you could look up mobile home parts dealer and ask them for any suggestions. They probably could give you a lot of recommendations based on the repairmen who shop at their store.
 3. Mobile home dealers are an excellent source for finding a manufactured home repair person. They use them all the time to correct factory defects and flaws of newly delivered homes. A lot of these mobile home repair contractors are independent contractors so they could take on your job without any objection from the mobile home dealership.
 4. A lot of general home repair handyman businesses have people who could adequately and professionally make repairs to your manufactured home.
 5. Look in the phone book for specific contractors to get in touch with for the type of problem you are having such as plumbing or electrical. If they work on standard site built homes they may also perform repairs on mobile homes.
 6. You could always try to DIY with tips and suggestions from me or your local hardware or mobile home supply store. If you go this route exercise caution and all safety practices to keep you safe. Think ahead and plan each step of the repair in a systematic order.
 7. Last ditch effort is to look around your neighborhood and see who does repairs to their own mobile home that appears to be doing good quality work and ask them if they would be interested.
 As a final thought always check any references and the background of anyone you allow in or near your home or family if any way possible. Use safety precautions and common sense. Don't hesitate to ask questions, if they don't seem to want to give you answers or seem to dodge your concerns this might be a red flag. If they are in the business they should be licensed, bonded or insured. If you feel it necessary don't hesitate to ask for references and any information to make sure you have the right contractor. Get everything in writing and know what the bottom line costs and time element will be before the work begins to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Hope that helps.