Mobile Home Skirting

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 Mobile home skirting can be everything from brick, concrete block, stucco over cement board, sheet metal or vinyl plastic. Check regulations in your area for underpinning and tie down requirements. Zoning has dictated in many places what materials can be used for mobile home underpinning. The best mobile home skirting material would of course be brick or concrete block. The two biggest problems I see with vinyl underpinning is that they are usually not anchored well at the top or bottom that allows them to be pushed out of place easily without much force such as wind. Using support rods will help, especially on tall pieces. The other problem I see with vinyl skirting is punctures by weed eaters or objects slung from lawn mowers. How many times have you seen holes at the bottom of vinyl underpinning? There are however vinyl patch kits to repair holes. In cold climates where the use of vinyl is desired there are varieties of insulated skirting available. Look at bottom of page for more information on vinyl skirting.

 Look at the diagrams below for how to install skirting ideas. The drawings below also show concrete footer diagrams.

 Stud Wall with Cement Fiber Board Diagram
Mobile Home Skirting Stud Wall with Cement Fiber Board Diagram Picture

Single Wythe 4 Inch Brick Diagram
Mobile Home Skirting Single Wythe 4 Inch Brick Diagram Picture

Diagram 8 Inch Concrete Block Wall Diagram

Mobile Home Skirting 8 Inch Concrete Block Wall Diagram Picture

Mobile Home Skirting Repair

Most manufactured homes have some type of skirting attached to the base of the home. This skirting protects your home's pipes and fixtures from the elements, reduces updrafts and helps to control moisture. Damaged aluminum and vinyl skirting panels should be replaced, not patched. Fortunately, individual panels are not very expensive and are easy to replace. If you have trouble finding identical replacement panels, switch the damaged panel with one in a less conspicuous location. Or, if your skirting is aluminum, buy a panel in a similar pattern and paint it to match. In warmer climates, a screen or louvered vent can also be used as a replacement.