Pigtail Electrical Wiring

Pigtail Electrical Wiring

Always turn off the mobile homes electrical power before working on any mobile home electrical wiring receptacle or switch and then confirm that it is off!

    If you have more electrical wires or several electrical cables in your homes electrical outlet or switch box than you have connection screw down terminals for this could be a problem, so you will need to make a pigtail electrical wiring junction. By twisting all the wires and adding the pigtail wire you can overcome this problem. The pictures below show how to do this. I did not show these in a electrical outlet box as they should be so that you can see them better. Say you have a mobile homes electrical wire that comes from the circuit breaker and two or more electrical wires that go to other electrical outlet receptacle this will solve the problem of not having enough electrical connections on an GFCI receptacle outlet or combo switch. The same idea can be used for a light switch.

Pigtail Electrical Wiring Junction

Pigtail Electrical Wiring Junction Picture

When making a pigtail with aluminum wire, the wire nuts, crimps or whatever device used to make the connections must be approved for use with aluminum conductors. It is also a good idea to use anti-oxident compound on the connections. Check out the page for aluminum wiring.

Check Wiring with this handy tool.