Mobile Home Circuit Breaker Panel Box

Mobile Home Circuit Breaker Panel Box

 Always turn off main mobile homes electrical power before working on any mobile home electrical wiring receptacle or switch and then confirm that it is off! Remember to turn off the main circuit breaker inside and outside the mobile home before touching anything and make sure it is off. If you are not sure about what you are doing call a licensed electrician.The circuit breaker panel box in a mobile home is not really different than a standard homes box. The major differences you may find are the mobile homes circuit breakers usually have color coded handles and there are some combination circuit breakers such as a 20 amp and 30 amp double pole (240 volt) made together. Mobile homes are now required most everywhere to have a redundant ground installed. This is a fourth wire that comes from the outside circuit breaker box and electric meter. The breakers can quite easily interchange with breakers from a D.I.Y. store. Murray will interchange with GE and so on. If you need to replace a defective breaker take it with you to a supply store match it up. You can also look at the parts and supplies page on this site for detailed help through the approved vendors for the items you need. Check to figure out why the original circuit breaker went bad. Was it just fate or is there a problem with the electric wiring. Since the power is off this is a good time to check the tightness of all the connections in the box and look for wires that appear to have got hot. These wires will be discolored at the end of the insulation and may be blistered. It is best to cut off the end and strip the wire for anew connection to the circuit breaker. If the wire is aluminum look the the page for aluminum wire for specific instructions on working with aluminum wire.

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 Location of Electrical Circuit Breaker Panel Box in a Mobile Home Where is the mobile homes electrical service circuit breaker panel box located? The easiest way to find it is to look under the home at where the service entrance conduit from the outside circuit breaker panel box goes up into the mobile home. The inside mobile homes circuit breaker panel box should be directly above the conduit entrance point usually between 3 to 5 feet above the floor level.

 Circuit Breaker Box Wire Connections After time the connections in your electrical service breaker box can loosen up. If they are loose they tend to heat up causing corrosion and arcing. This is an energy waster. It would not hurt to have an expert check these. Especially if your home is more than 10-15 years old.

 Types and Brands of Circuit Breaker Panels It does not matter what brand name of breaker panel you use. There are only a few requirements that need to be adhered to when picking out the panel box. The panel box needs to have a 200 amp rating and have a 200 amp main breaker installed in it. The panel box needs to have a ground buss bar, and a neutral buss bar. This is so that you have a separate neutral and a separate ground (4th wire redundant ground) as required by electric codes. You will need to be sure that the panel box will have enough space for the number of circuits spaces needed. I would get the brand of box that will be the easiest to service later if parts or replacement circuit breakers are needed, not some obscure or fly by night brand. How many spaces in a breaker box for single wide and doubles wide homes are determined by the number of branch circuits and will typically be between 32 and 40 spaces.