Mobile Home Ceiling Repair

Mobile Home Ceiling Repair for ceilings that have Dips, Warps and Holes

Since in most cases access to the mobile homes attic is impossible to get into to make any repairs from above the ceiling, the way I did mine was to sheetrock over the existing sheetrock with 3/8" sheetrock or you could even use paneling on the ceiling. I recommend a complete cover over if the ceiling is in bad shape. If you have a hole you wish to repair you can do it just as you would a wall repair, using a sheetrock patch. When you begin after removing the crown moulding, cut a slit in the low spots so they will be pushed up where you install the new sheetrock. This will stop any loss of the blown in insulation. When the sheetrock has been installed finish it as you normally would (tape,mud and sand) then either paint or spray texture for the finishing touch and reinstall the crown moulding. Remember to remove the little rosettes as you go. The extra sheetrock will also improve the insulation value and strength of your homes ceiling. This is how I did my own ceilings and after 8 years I have had no problems. Holes in the mobile home ceiling can be repaired as you would a wall. This idea also works for site built and modular manufactured homes. Of course you can also do your ceiling and even the walls like this!

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