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How To DIY Help for Polybutylene Gray Plastic Plumbing Pipe, CPVC, PB, PEX Pipe, Copper, PVC Pipe, Water Leak, Faucets, Tubs, Showers and Water Line Repairs

 A mobile home plumbing repair does not have to be frustrating. Plumbing services don't want to work on mobile homes, however there are simple, effective and inexpensive solutions that you can do yourself.
Manufactured mobile homes and even some site built homes for years were plumbed with a gray flexible plastic plumbing pipe called polybutylene potable water line or PB. There has been controversy over polybutylene plastic piping line and lawsuits. The biggest problem isn't the PB plastic pipe, which after a period of time can break down PB and cause plumbing leaks, but the crimp type clamps that are used at tees, elbows or couplings on poly pipes that will over time tend to spread open and cause leaks.

No glues will work on polybutylene PB water line.

Here are some easy mobile home how to plumbing repair fixes for these plumbing repair problems. There are compression tees elbows, couplings and fittings that will install in place of the mobile homes plumbing tees, elbows or couplings that are leaking. These can be found at almost any DIY, hardware and plumbing supply store or go to the mobile home parts page. PEX and GatorBite are the best selling brands and these types of piping supply parts will adapt CPVC to PB poly to PEX  pipe or Copper but won't work with PVC pipe because of a difference in diameter. They will also let you adapt between different sizes of PB. They work well and are simple to use. CPVC can be used throughout homes on hot or cold water lines. DO NOT use PVC on the hot water line, it won't stand up to hot water and will cause leakage after a while.

 The Gatorbite push fittings work well with PEX ,copper and CPVC. The Apollo push in fitting will work on PEX pipe, copper, CPVC and polybutylene PB pipe and is not as pricey as the Gatorbite. The last two fittings displayed are now hard to find. My favorite is the Apollo push fit plumbing connectors. They are approved for in wall use and will work on anything except PVC pipe because of the outside diameter of PVC piping. You can look at the picture on the water heater repair page to see the Apollo push fittings being used during a water heater replacement to adapt PB to CPVC pipe. The Gatorbite and Apollo push fittings are also removable and reusable. The key to a good leak free fit is to cut the pipe ends square, tubing cutters are recommended.

   PEX Tee Polybutylene PB Plumbing Connector
PEX Copper CPVC PB Mobile Home Plumbing Repair PEX Tee Polybutylene PB Plumbing Connector Picture

GatorBite Plumbing Pipe Coupling PEX COPPER CPVC PEX Copper CPVC PB Mobile Home Plumbing Repair
GatorBite Plumbing Pipe Coupling Picture

Apollo Acetyl Polybutylene Seal Set
Apollo Acetyl Polybutylene Seal Set Picture

Gatorbite and Apollo push fittings are trademarked brand names.

One problem I find over and over on mobile home plumbing repair jobs is the fact that pipe cleaner was not used during the install or repair when pvc pipe, cpvc pipe or black abs plastic type pipes were connected to couplings, elbows or tees. Be sure to clean the pipe connections with the proper cleaner and use the proper glue for the type of plumbing pipe you are using. Glues are never used on copper, PEX  or polybutylene PB gray pipe.

If you need a better explanation or answers to a particular problem please feel free to email me with Any Questions you may have.  Look at the toilet repair  page for problems specifically about toilet repairs. Look at the water heater repair page for help with those problems and this page for whole house water filter install. Visit these pages if you need help finding water leaks
or have low water pressure.