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Mobile Home Trailer or Manufactured Home

What Is a Mobile Home

A Mobile Home or manufactured housing might have once been associated with a very basic mobile home trailer, but this is no longer the case! In fact, many of these structures now offer the sort of living space for which you would almost certainly want to invest in home owner's insurance, as more and more people are using them as their primary place of residence. They are of high structural standards, but are still far more affordable than many other types of housing. Take a look below to see the official definition of mobile or manufactured homes.
Trailer vs Mobile Home vs Manufactured Homes- What's the Difference and Definition according to HUD

Manufactured Home - A factory built home built after the enactment of and bearing a label of compliance with the Federal Manufactured Homes Construction and Safety Standards Act, effective June 15, 1976 (HUD Code).
Mobile Home Trailer – A factory built home built prior to enactment of the Federal Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act, effective June 15, 1976 (HUD Code).
No they are not mobile home trailers anymore! They are well constructed prebuilt manufactured homes that are as well built as many site built homes I have seen. 
Mobile Home Manufactured Homes Sales

Mobile home trailer sales continue to do well. Manufactured housing is affordable prefab homes for families. Manufactured housing is a good choice for second homes and vacation homes. Double wide mobile homes out sell single wide mobile homes. Here is a link to a website with some mobile manufactured housing buying guidelines. 
History and Statistics of Doublewide, Single Wide Mobile Homes and Manufactured Housing

Wikipedia has useful information about mobile homes on the history, sizes and some of the regulations on single wide and double wide mobile homes and prebuilt manufactured housing.
The break down of percentages of mobile homes and manufactured homes as manufactured housing units by state.

Mobile Home Manufactured Home Construction Techniques

Mobile Homes Manufactured Homes are factory prefab homes built to specifications regulated by HUD and other organizations. There are videos on Clayton Homes site showing the manufactured housing construction process used at their factory.