Mobile Home Electrical Repair

Mobile Home Electrical Repair How To Troubleshoot Wiring Problems Outlet Receptacle Switch Breaker DIY House Electrical Systems Repairs and Maintenance Help

Mobile Home Electrical Repair Problems are the number one complaint that I get emailed about and the biggest producer of service calls on homes I received as an electrician. The most common problems such as loss of power to half of double wide homes, loss of electrical power to part of a home's circuit, breakers tripping, or how to make an electrical pigtail when you have more wires than screw terminals to male a connection on a switch or receptacle and DIY help answers for much more are found by using the article directory at the top of the page.  When clicked you will be taken to a page that will give you how to electrical wiring repair help with your particular electrical problem. Hopefully these pages will be useful to help you with your manufactured home electric repair problems. The how to electrical wiring tips on most of these pages also apply to site built, modular and prefab homes.
Maintaining your homes electrical systems is of great importance. Fires caused by defective electric devices is very high. Loose connections occur over time and should be watched out for to catch them before they become dangerous. Shock and spark hazards from worn outlets is also real problem in mobile homes.
Follow the links found at the top of the page to get help with your how to mobile home electrical problems such as mobile home electrical rewiring, pigtail wiring, electrical connections of a doublewide mobile home that connects the two halves of double wide mobile homes at the marriage wall, short in outlet receptacles, circuit breakers tripping, mobile home electrical switch and outlet repair or replacement, how to find an open circuit, how to test a circuit breaker and a lot more. If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact me with any questions. I take electrical safety very seriously, that is why I will provide you with Free troubleshooting and maintenance help answers on a personal level.
Please exercise extreme caution as use safety precautions when working on any of your home's electrical circuits. I recommend wearing gloves and a long sleeve shirt. Remove any jewelry and wear safety glasses. Check and then double check that the homes power has been turned off before touching anything.
This electrical circuit tester is a must have for your home toolbox. Very simple to use and effective. It has helped me find open receptacle outlet circuit problems in many homes. Get the circuit tester . Works like a charm and can help you find electrical problems quickly and easily. I use mine all the time when doing electrical troubleshooting and inspections.