Mobile Home Floor Repair

Most mobile home floor repair jobs are in the bathroom or kitchen. Sometimes only a spot repair is needed. Simply cut out the bad area then frame it in, so that you have something to attach the new section of subfloor to on all edges. I like to use screws instead of nails. Screws will be less likely to back out like nails and squeak. In order to prep for a finished job remove all the all the shoe molding and then re-install after the new flooring is in place. Use the subfloor of your choice either plywood or OSB will work. Be sure to get the same thickness or as close as you can. The thickness can be compensated for later. If your are going to use carpet, which I do not recommend in kitchens or bathroom you just need to make sure that you have matched the surrounding floor height by installing the new floor joist at the proper height to bring the homes sub-floor flush with the existing floor and then install the carpet. If you are going to use sheet vinyl or tiles then I recommend placing luan over the homes subfloor to give a good surface for the vinyl to adhere to, and remember to figure the combined thickness of the subflooring and the luan in order to flush up to the existing floor. Be sure to use floor putty, such as Durhams Rock Hard to fill in any cracks and the screw heads that need to be screwed down just below floor level. Floor putty is especially important if you are going to cover the floor with sheet vinyl. If you need to remove and replace a toilet, there are flange extenders available if needed so that the toilet can be remounted properly, however this is usually not necessary. Always replace the wax seal and flange bolts. I will sit on the toilet to press down the wax seal before I tighten the flange bolts. Don't over tighten and snug them down evenly. Flush the toilet to check for water leaks. If no there are leaks and the toilet does not rock caulk around the toilet for a better looking job and water tight seal, the same around a bathtub. Replace the shoe and your mobile home floor repair is done.

Here is a picture of what you will see when the bad spot in the floor has been cut out.

Bathroom Floor Before Repair Picture

Once the new floor joists are installed you can proceed with flooring.

Floor with Joists Added Picture