How to Replace a Kitchen Sink

Replace Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sinks for homes come in 6", 7" and 8" depths. To change to a deeper sink will usually involve shortening the down tube that goes to the trap and into the wall. Sometimes it's necessary to enlarge the cut out in the counter top. This is most easily done with a jig saw. You can get drain waste kits of which there are two kinds, end waste and center waste for under $10 at almost any home improvement store. These will be either an 1 1/4" or 1 1/2" diameter, so it is best to match what you have now.
The problems that I have run into from experience are making sure that you have enough clearance from front to back and side to side. Use the template provided on the box to position your sink before you do any cutting on the counter top. You can also place the sink upside down on the homes counter top and take some measurements to be sure that you have enough room for the sink so as not to be to close to the wall/back splash or cabinet face. Side to side clearance is usually not a problem but check anyway. Always measure and measure again before you cut anything.
 I also recommend that you caulk under the lip of the sink with some quality bacteria resistant waterproof silicon to prevent any water splash from getting under the sink and ruining the counter top, causing repairs later on, and then caulk again around the sink edge when you have the sink installed. I use the same caulk to install the sink basket strainers.

These are things that you can do if you are patient, follow the instructions and above all be SAFE.